Based in Harrisburg PA, Justin (Jut) Keller first started producing in early 2006. After poking around multiple versions of fruity loops studio, it was only natural to progress to the industry standard of Electronic/Livetronic music.

One.man.And was officially conceived. 

Debuting LIVE PA @ "PUSH's Summer Solstice Festival 08." One.man.And-LIVE debuted on Valentines 2009 with: KJ Sawka & Chronicles of the Landsquid.

One.man.And fuses not only music, but ways of performing. A hybrid livetronic infused Dubstep|Drum & Bass|House|Glitch-Hop (as well as influence in sub-genres: Liquid Funk, Neuro Funk, Drumstep, Electro, Trance, Psybient, Grime & Uk Garage) Duo.

One.man.And has since put their foot in the door supporting such national/regional acts as: EOTO (x2), Conspirator + Break Science, Starkey, Brothers Past, Kj Sawka + Chronicles of the Landsquid, Derek VanScoten DVS*, Aligning Minds, Sonic Spank, Melamin & Wicked Sway, The Manhattan Project, BPM (featuring members of Brothers Past), BioDiesel, Flux Capacitor, MJ Project, Segway, FiKus, Ryat & many more.

As well as making appearances at: The Projekt, Muddy River Jam Festival (x2), The Big Up, Push's Summer Solstice Festival, Evolvefest, Appalachian Mt. Jam, Hemp Fest, Chucks Farm, High Tide Jam Fest, plus other local PA festivals.



• Will soon be announcing the release date of the forthcoming "One.man.And - Doom & Gloom EP" (Winter 2013)

• Looking for Guest Drummers &/or Percussionists, Email; info@onemanand.com